By Carlos Marquez /Teclalibre Multimedios /

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -In its over 50 years working in support of small businesses, Escore Orlando has scheduled several webinars, one presented by Xiomara Peña of the Small Business Majority and another by the marketing director of FedEx Services, Michelle Hoang, and FedEx Dataworks Chief Product Officer, Brady Marchione.

The first seminar will be held on the 7th, while the second is set for the 9th of the current month of December.

The major virtual event led by Xiomara Peña is titled, What’s Next for Small Businesses as Covid Equity Relief Funds Reduce ?.

The speaker will provide information on the EIDL and other capital resources, including the latest on economic damage loans and advances in the event of disasters, updates on the employee retention tax credit, among other state and local assistance programs.

Meanwhile, the second seminar led by Michelle Hoang, Brady Marchione is titled, Strategies to Drive Conversion: Simple Changes That Can Help Increase Online Sales.

FedEx Services Chief Marketing Officer Michelle Hoang and FedEx Dataworks Chief Product Officer Brady Marchione will share their experiences on common reasons why customers abandon carts, and simple strategic changes that can be made, including advice on user experience, returns solutions, while helping to reduce the churn rate and convert potential buyers to completed orders.

The experts will equally treat the topic of optimizing your ecommerce site, the dos and don’ts that could make a difference to your cart abandonment rate and your bottom line, too, the way you do. a customer journey that can help you convert, from your home page to your checkout.

Also, how to improve buyer confidence and complete the order with the appropriate returns strategy.

Regarding the first seminar, Xiomara Peña understands that December is the last month to apply for the Small Business Administration’s Economic Injury Disaster Aid program, one of several government aid programs aimed at small businesses during the pandemic of coronavirus.

In that sense, Xiomara drives Small Business Majority’s external engagement efforts toward a more inclusive and equitable economy that directly benefits entrepreneurs in underserved communities.

Along with the organization’s small business engagement team, she works collaboratively to strengthen relationships with legislators, small business owners, and organizations across the country to broaden our perspective of equity in all areas of our work.

Meanwhile, Michelle Hoang sees shopping cart abandonment as a growing concern for all types of online marketers, from small businesses to the biggest names in e-commerce.

She understands the aforementioned speaker that regardless of the effort her company makes to create and launch an attractive site and attract customers to it, there are many reasons why users add items to their carts and leave without making a purchase.

Hoang is the director of marketing for FedEx Services, and she supports FedEx e-commerce, small and medium-sized businesses, returns solutions, and retail lines of business for FedEx in the US.

The extensive experience gained during her 19-year career at FedEx, from strategy to sales, marketing and operations, gives Michelle a wealth of experience and commitment to connecting customer needs with the latest transportation and logistics solutions.

That experience provides a strategic vision to support the accelerated growth of e-commerce and meet the needs of small and medium-sized customers.

Meanwhile, Brady Marchione is motivated by a passion to solve brand and retail challenges and deliver engaging consumer experiences.

Brady has ten years of supply chain, strategy and product experience with FedEx. Her perspective on ecommerce compliance, returns, and customer enablement can be invaluable to growth-minded merchants.

He is currently the Managing Director of Product at FedEx Dataworks, responsible for the strategic direction, vision and execution of supply chain technology products that help merchants succeed in today’s competitive business environment.

The webinar this December 7, aimed at small businesses, organized by Score Orlando, will be at 10 in the morning, while the second, scheduled for the next day, will also be held at the same time.